Narative Text : A Fox Without A Tail + Moral Value

A Fox Without A Tail

    In an inland , many hunters who deliberately set traps to catch the animals buruanya . Traps in pairs varied, in accordance with their prey . There is little to catch the rabbit , to large to capture the bear.
   One day , a fox entered the forest is full of traps . Without realizing it , a trap made ​​of iron tongs nearly cut his neck . Luckily he was quick to react , but its tail squeezed by that trap. With great effort he tried to remove it , in case of late life certainly be arrested or shot poachers in the forest . With thrashing in pain , he can finally escape from the trap . But unfortunately he had to sacrifice his tail.

   With a sense of pain , the fox disappeared and hid in the forest edge to heal wounds on its tail . After a long time he stayed there , the wound was healed . Because hunger for hiding , it decided to ventured into the forest was filled with traps . By the time he was about to enter the forest , he seen a flock of other foxes were clustered there . He also discouraged , because now he do not own tail . In his heart he said , " I must have looked very bad when joined with them , I would have laughed at because my tail cut off . Do I still referred to as a fox ? They can not recognize even can be attacked because it looks alien and strange to them . "

   He was thinking hard , to get a plan , to be accepted back in the fox herd . It did not take long , fox was getting a plan , and intends to approach the herd fox at night so that her figure is not clearly visible .

   Night arrived , it was immediately approached fox herd . "Good evening my friends ,did you have a bit of food , for me? I walked quite a long way towards this place , but none I found the food " , she said blunt . Happened to hear the sound of the fox without a tail , fox approached the herd leader . " Did not I know you ? You are the fox of the forest as well as do all of us here , why do you say do not have any food while here a lot of food left over from the poachers . Take be some pieces of rabbit meat is available to feed your starving body  . " Said the leader .

   Fox without a tail immediately  took several pieces of rabbit meat left to eat. Because so hungry , she forgot that her figure can be seen clearly under the moonlight on the night . " Wait a minute! " Said the leader , " Why do you not have a tail like us ? do not you are not our members as I said . " fox without a tail also realized that her shape was seen , but with a cunning plan he immediately replied , " yes , I did come from this herd , but a few days ago I left this forest , down the valley and meet new fox herd . When I meet them , I was greeted by a very friendly . They look dashing and gorgeous even without the use of a tail . Therefore , I decided to cut my tail , in order to look dashing as they are . If you want to look dashing and gorgeous like me , you can also throw your tail ".

   Listened to the fox without a tail , instantly flock fox laughed . " How can you say the fox  if it does not have a tail ? the use of tail fox is a fox that looks dashing and beautiful , "said the fox from the flock. " Stop your nonsense, fox  without a tail ! , " Snapped the fox herd leader . " I will allow you to finish the rest of your food , but with one condition , after that you have to go out of the forest and join the imaginary fox " . Hearing these words , the tailless fox became embarrassed and walked away from the herd fox carrying a piece of meat rabbits left ..

Moral Value : Not all devious deeds will run smoothly , once time, they are who often doing his devious deeds will be caught and be humiliated or punished for their conduct.

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